The AI for Good programme is designed to identify practical applications of AI to advance the sustainable development goals, and scale those solutions for global impact.
Monday, 21 Sep
Invitation Only Expert Day
Tuesday, 22 Sep
Community Gathering
Thursday, 24 Sep
Calls to Action
Friday, 25 Sep
Designing the Future


Towards zero emissions, zero deaths and zero left behind The future of smart mobility is more than just the progression and mainstreaming of semi -and fully-autonomous transport systems in the market. It is also about examining how AI technologies can help reduce emissions, increase road safety, increase mobility and enable access to affordable transportation for all.  This year's The Future of Smart Mobility Solution track will establish a concrete, inclusive and actionable discussion on how AI-enabled solutions can help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals for improving in-transit traffic safety, developing energy-/environment-efficient vehicles, transportation systems and infrastructure and providing inclusive and accessible mobility opportunities for all.  
29 Sep
Solution Track
Environment & climate change, Safety, Smart mobility

How can Artificial Intelligence reduce disaster risks in countries?

This webinar will discuss the potential role of AI in reducing disaster risks in vulnerable countries and globally, and thus advance implementation of the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) and Sustainable Development Goals. It will examine how AI applications can support more efficient and effective decision-making across all stages of disaster management, from early warning and monitoring to disaster preparedness, emergency response and post-disaster recovery/relief. There will be focus on how AI can help transform thinking and behaviour towards disaster prevention and contribute towards risk-informed, sustainable development and investments. It will address the following key questions: - What are the current knowledge gaps and evidence base to inform disaster risk reduction strategies, and how can AI applications help bridge these data gaps? - What are potential AI applications in disaster management and risk reduction efforts, drawing from current case examples and initiatives? - How can other existing digital/geospatial technologies be utilized effectively with AI applications for disaster risk reduction? - What are important challenges and considerations in employing AI technologies for disaster risk reduction? How are current efforts addressing these constraints? Expected outcomes from the webinar include: - defining a common agenda for future dialogue and collaboration relating to the utilization of AI for DRR - exploring the standardization gaps linked to AI for DRR
13 Oct
16:00 - 17:30
Partner workshop
Health, Safety

Ethical AI for Good – how can your government achieve it?

From Colombia to South Korea, Kenya and France to India - in recent years, national strategies on AI have flourished across the globe. They all highlight the need to serve humans with the best technology, underpinned with an ethical purpose. In this session, Capgemini’s Perform AI experts and leaders from the public sector will showcase tangible client success stories that have been delivered in a public sector context and demonstrate how your government can achieve ethical AI. Our workshop will take you on a journey through 3 parts. The break-out sessions will be supported by moderators and include a Q&A exchange. 1. #ScaledAI - In the virtual plenary, Capgemini’s Perform AI leaders will provide context for how technology, policy and values must come together to achieve impactful strategies. 2. #AIethics – In the first break-out, participants can join their preferred session on ethical AI, with the following topics available: Human governance, Data Privacy, Explainability and Transparency, Non-discrimination and Fairness. 3. #AI4SDGs – In the second break-out, participants can join their preferred session on AI for SDGs, with the following topics available: Zero Hunger, Health, Justice, Quality Education, Environment and Mobility, Information and Peace.
29 Oct
14:00 - 16:00
Partner workshop
Inclusivity, SDGs, Transparency
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