David Reger

David Reger

David’s mission to make the world a better place began in San Francisco, where he was a social worker responsible for reintegrating prisoners into society. Back in Europe, the technology pioneer and ambitious visionary laid the foundation for cognitive robots to become the revolutionary partner of a modern social society.  

His career as a founder and leader of high-tech companies has proven that respect for existing technological achievements never limits the possibilities of what can be further envisioned and created. 

With the distinctive attitude of this experienced yet down-to-earth entrepreneur, the founder and CEO of NEURA Robotics has succeeded in developing the first robot with cognitive capabilities in record time. Thanks to artificial intelligence and Neura’s proprietary sensor and hardware design, this cognitive robot can work alongside humans with unprecedented safety, speed and precision. 

As a result of his success, Reger has been appointed to key thought leadership and advisory positions, including Senate of German Business and the European Senate of Business and Technology. Grateful for the blessing of this success, he’s tirelessly committed to the development of an ecological and social modern society. 

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    NEURA Robotics
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    CEO and Founder

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