Lj Rich

Lj Rich

World-renowned performer LJ Rich presents on the International Technology show BBC Click and is a classically trained pianist. She’s also a NASA Datanaut and enjoys her role as host of the United Nations ITU #AIForGood Summits. LJ’s interviewed founders, hackers, and artists across the globe, meeting everyone from Stevie Wonder to Steve Wozniak. 

Since reading music at Oxford, LJ’s predicted consumer tech trends for over a decade for the BBC, with particular interest in AI, Music and the human/computer interface. She’s also been interviewed by the New York Times and others about installations she’s created inspired by her synesthesia, a neurological condition which mixes her senses together.

During the pandemic, LJ learned a few things at home during lockdown – like how to self-administer her own cancer treatments, how to take off in a virtual Cessna 172SP, and how to run AI Music neural network style transfers with OpenAI Jukebox and very little sleep. This year her team ‘Smorgasborg’ placed highly in the AI Song Contest audience vote. LJ’s Instagram displays these and more music experiments like The Beatles singing ‘Call Me Maybe’ or Queen singing ‘Let It Go’.  

She’s recently taught herself how to solve the Rubik’s Cube using music. 

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  • Organization
    BBC News
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    Inventor, BBC "Click" Presenter
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