Envision a future where robots do boring or dangerous work. Humans are free to shape their professional and personal lives according to their interests.  

NEURA Robotics has taken a technological leap into this future with MAiRA, the first commercially available cognitive robot. Its integrated AI and unique sensing technologies enable it to interact safely with humans. MAiRA can handle all kinds of industrial tasks thanks to its world-class precision and speed.  

With the recently revealed 4NE-1, NEURA Robotics is working on a humanoid robot based on proven cognitive technology that fits perfectly into people’s lives. 4NE-1 is 170 cm tall, weighs 60 kg, and can carry 20 kilograms. The combination of proven NEURA hardware allows 4NE-1 to safely navigate different terrains while balancing delicate objects in its hands. In addition, its head serves as an interactive screen. This facilitates human-robot interaction, but is also customizable, allowing anyone to add a personal touch to their robot.  

Thanks to its integrated AI, 4NE-1 can recognize different human voices, languages, and even voice tones and emotions, allowing 4NE-1 to interact with humans through voice and gesture control. With unique and patent-pending Touchless Safe Human Detection technology, a sensor that can detect humans and other moving objects even when the sensor’s view is obstructed by clothing, 4NE-1 can interact with humans naturally and safely.  

NEURA Robotics develops and builds robots that not only help industrial companies succeed but also enable all people to spend more time doing what they love to do. 

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