The B1 industrial protection level quadruped robot consists of B1 itself and remote control. The robot has 12 degrees of freedom (12 high-performing joint units), 3 degrees of freedom for a single leg. The force control technology is used to control the force and position of each joint, so that it makes user achieve the force control of the machine and obtain excellent movement performance. It has multi-road condition adaptability, strong obstacle crossing ability, can easily climb stairs and cross rugged terrain, can adapt to ruins, railway tracks and many other complex terrain. We provide detailed users instructions, software development manuals, etc., and also provide high-level control function of secondary development documents and routines(for example walking), provide low-level control function of secondary development documents and routines(such as motor position, speed and torque) , and multiple expansion ports are equiped with to meet different expansion functions.

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    Unitree Robotics
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    Industrial quadruped robot