Jennifer Woodard

Jennifer Woodard

Jennifer Woodard is the co-founder and CEO of Insikt Intelligence, a deep-tech startup researching applying AI and Machine Learning to unearth hidden insights within large datasets for customers in the government sector for fighting online crime, disinformation and counterterrorism; as well as the co-founder of Dataietica, a non-profit institute created by AI practitioners and researchers in the Security industry who want to fully realise the potential of new technologies for public safety and policing, while addressing the implications such innovations have in terms of ethics, privacy and human rights. 

Jennifer is a recognized expert in the application of AI for counterterrorism and a frequent speaker on the topic at high-level events. Most recently she addressed the UN Counterterrorism Week on the benefits and human rights implications of AI for counterterrorism. She is also frequently called upon to speak on the topic of ethical AI for security and policing in the EU, US and Israel. 

Her spare time is spent mentoring future female leaders and contributing to the advancement of European technological research through her work as an external expert for the European Commission. She was tapped earlier this year by the UN to be a mentor in the United Nations Development Programme’s mentoring scheme for female entrepreneurs in the Arab region. 

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