Matteo Barbarino

Matteo Barbarino

Dr Matteo Barbarino is currently the lead fusion scientist at the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). He is also responsible for the Agency’s cooperation in the area of fusion energy with ITER, PPPL and ASIPP and around AI with ITU. Matteo works for the IAEA since 2017. Before joining the Agency, he worked at laser fusion laboratories in the USA and in Europe.

Matteo is the technical adviser for the International Group of Legal Experts on Fusion Energy (FELEX) and a member of the ITPA Coordinating Committee, the IEA Fusion Power Coordinating Committee, the CICLOP Group, and the UN HLCP InterAgency Working Group on AI (IAWG-AI).

Matteo holds a PhD and MSc in Physics from Texas A&M University and a BSc in Electrical Engineering from University of Catania.

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  • Organization
    International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
  • Profession
    Fusion Scientist
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