Minli Yang

Minli Yang

Dr. Minli Yang is a professor in the College of Engineering at China Agricultural University, and director of China Research Center for Agricultural Mechanization Development.

Concurrently, she is deputy secretary-general of the Expert Steering Group for Whole-process Mechanization of Crop Production of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs in China, senior expert of National Agricultural Machinery Equipment Science and Technology Service Group in “Science and Innovation China”, and chairperson of Agricultural Mechanization Branch of Chinese Society for Agricultural Machinery.

Prof. Yang has been dedicated in promoting agricultural mechanization development and poverty alleviation. Her research topics focus on:

  • National and regional strategy and policy in promoting agricultural mechanization
  • Technical patterns of grain crops mechanization production and machinery systems in different areas
  • Intelligent farm production system
  • Agricultural mechanization cooperatives and hire service models
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    China Agricultural University
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