​​​​​​​​​​​​Sameer Pujari

​​​​​​​​​​​​Sameer Pujari

Sameer Pujari has an earned Fellowship in Public Health Informatics from the Centers for Disease Control. He has graduate degrees in Business Studies & Software Engineering and an MBA with Gold Medal in Systems Management. He also has training in information security and program management.

Sameer joined WHO headquarters in Geneva in Feb 2008. With WHO, he has worked extensively on Digital Health including mHealth, Big Data , AI, he has provided in country support in over 40 countries in AFRO, EMRO, EURO, SEARO & WPRO regions of WHO & has overlooked work in many other countries.
Since 2012 he is also co-leading the development & implementation of a joint WHO and ITU initiative on Digital Health and mHealth for Non-Communicable Diseases. The initiative has successfully scaled digital health programs in 10 countries with over millions of people using the national programs.

Before coming to WHO, Sameer worked with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-USA with the Global Immunization Division’s, where he worked with WHO regions and countries on information management for surveillance for EPI, Malaria and various other vaccine preventable disease . He traveled extensively to AFRICA to help setup EPI information management systems for surveillance and has provided and various trainings and conducted reviews of the surveillance systems.

He started his career working with WHO’s National Polio Surveillance Project in India for 7 years, where he led the development and implementation of various information management systems for surveillance across the country.

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    World Health Organization (WHO)
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    “Be Healthy, Be Mobile” Project Manager