FG-AI4EE Workshop on Advancing Environmental Efficiency of Emerging Technologies

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FG-AI4EE Workshop on Advancing Environmental Efficiency of Emerging Technologies

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  • The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) is organizing a workshop on “Advancing Environmental Efficiency of Emerging Technologies” on 3 May 2022 from 09:30 to 17:00 (CEST). 

    Hosted by the Austrian Economic Chambers of Vienna and organized by the ITU Focus Group on Environmental Efficiency for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other Emerging Technologies, (FG-AI4EE) this one-day workshop will bring to light cutting-edge use cases of environmentally efficient and eco-friendly applications of AI and other emerging technologies.  

    Join us to gain practical knowledge on the environmental impact of digital technologies and innovations to ensure sustainable and responsible AI development. Keynote talks, panel discussions and interactive debates will explore the environmental dimensions of AI and machine learning, 5G, blockchain, cloud computing, intelligent transport systems, extended reality for the metaverse, and digital twins for smart cities.  

    The workshop also provides an opportunity to influence the pre-standardization work of FG-AI4EE , an open-to-all platform to develop a basis for new ITU standards on environmental efficiency, which will meet on the day following the workshop at the same venue. 

    Participation is open to all, with online remote participation also on offer. 

    NOTE: To attend the Workshop on 3 May live remotely or in-person in Vienna, please find out more and register here. The AI4G Neural Network will publish recordings of the following sessions only after the workshop has concluded:

    • Opening Session: Environmental efficiency and the Sustainable Development Gaols (SDGs)
    • Session 1 chat: Metaverse: environmental impact and potential of building web 3.0 
    • ​Session 3: Measuring the environmental efficiency of digital technologies

    Improving the carbon footprint of digital technologies requires cutting-edge, environmentally efficient, and eco-friendly applications of AI and other emerging technologies. Learn how standardization efforts support the SDGs on affordable and clean energy for all; industry, innovation and infrastructure, and responsible consumption and production.

    Extended reality applications require high bandwidth and low latency. As we engineer the future web 3.0, how can we ensure the metaverse is environmentally efficient? Join the discussion on the implications of the metaverse on cities of the future and how the metaverse could enable city administrations to better connect with citizens.

    Learn to use the metrics and measurement models to assess the environmental impact of digital technologies found in D.WG1-04D.WG2-03). The session will also explore tools including KPIs/metrics for SMEs to assess the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals and also discuss the role of AI and big data in improving energy efficiency.

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