Kevin Huang

Kevin Huang

Kevin Huang is an innovative and driven serial entrepreneur with a passion for technology and its potential impact on society. As the co-founder and CEO of Glüxkind Technologies, based in Vancouver, Canada, he is focused on creating cutting-edge solutions for pedestrian mobility that increase accessibility, inclusivity, and quality of life. 

Glüxkind’s flagship product, an AI-powered baby stroller, offers unparalleled safety and convenience for urban parents. Kevin’s expertise in autonomous robotics development and his ability to push technological boundaries have enabled him and his team to create innovative products that have won prestigious awards in record time. He is committed to ensuring that all products comply with the highest standards while having a grand vision for pedestrian robotics applications. 

Kevin’s educational background includes a BSc in Neurophysiology and Behavioral Psychology from the University of British Columbia and a MSc in eHealth from McMaster University. He is constantly seeking new challenges and opportunities to create meaningful impact, both through his work and by mentoring and supporting aspiring entrepreneurs 

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