Ella is designed and optimised for real life, not the showroom. With Ella’s adaptive push and brake assistance, parents and caregivers alike can enjoy effortless walks regardless of terrain; uphill, downhill, and even when fully loaded with groceries and toys, it will be a walk in the park. 

When the child is not inside the stroller because they need a hug or a toddler wants to walk instead, parents can activate Ella’s intelligent hands-free strolling. Glüxkind Ella’s advanced parent assist technology empowers parents to be present with their child without compromise or need to multitask. 

Whether on-the-go or at home, Glüxkind’s AI stroller offers parents unparalleled support. Soothing features like Rock-My-Baby mode to help the little ones stay asleep, built in white noise playback to keep them asleep, and many more innovations give parents almost a nanny-like experience. 

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    Glüxkind Technologies
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    AI-powered self-driving stroller
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