Jibu Elias

Jibu Elias

Jibu Elias is an AI Ethicist, Activist, and Researcher, widely recognized as the foremost authority on India’s AI ecosystem. He is currently the Country Lead for the Responsible Computing Challenge at Mozilla Foundation and a Responsible AI Fellow with The Stimson Center.

His impactful work focuses on constructing a unified AI ecosystem in India, with a strong emphasis on mitigating the digital divide created by AI technologies. He is actively engaged in developing inclusive AI ethics and governance guidelines to ensure the benefits of AI are accessible to all segments of society.

Jibu Elias is also a distinguished member of influential organizations, including the OECD’s Working Party on AI Governance (AIGO), the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on AI, and one of the Founding Editors of Springer’s AI and Ethics Journal.

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  • Organization
    Mozilla Foundation
  • Profession
    Country Lead for the Responsible Computing Challenge
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