qXR, a CE MDR Class IIb certified and WHO-recommended AI tool, detects over 35 lung abnormalities, including TB and lung cancer, in under a minute. This accelerates diagnosis, optimizes care pathway, and improves patient outcomes, enhancing healthcare delivery in resource-limited settings.

qXR is transforming traditional healthcare practices by leveraging advanced AI technology to enhance chest X-ray interpretation with exceptional accuracy and efficiency. Trained on over 5 million CXRs, qXR offers rapid and precise interpretations, facilitating quicker diagnostic and treatment decisions. This efficiency is vital in managing large patient volumes, especially in under-resourced settings characterised by substantial capacity and infrastructure deficits. By detecting a wide array of lung abnormalities, including TB, pneumonia, lung cancer, and COPD, qXR ensures comprehensive lung health screening. It’s hardware independence and interoperability allow for deployment in diverse healthcare environments, from urban centers to remote, resource-limited areas. Additionally, the integration with the Qure app, a workflow management platform, bolsters health systems by supporting integrated disease management. This combination enhances coordinated care pathways and improves patient outcomes by minimising loss to follow-up.

Qure.ai is a healthtech startup that uses deep learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to make healthcare more accessible and equitable for patients worldwide. Our solutions power efficient identification and management of different respiratory, cardiovascular and neurocritical conditions such as tuberculosis (TB), lung cancer, and stroke to support healthcare staff improve patient outcomes. Our solutions are deployed in diverse geographical and vulnerable settings, featuring innovative deployment models for both communicable and non-communicable disease screening.

Qure is deployed at 2,658 sites across 90 countries, impacting over 20 million lives. Our AI solutions are highly adaptable, functioning across diverse settings regardless of geography, internet availability, or hardware type. In 2023, Qure screened more than 1 million patients for Tuberculosis in Africa and 2.5 million worldwide, bringing AI-powered diagnostics to the world’s most remote regions. These figures reflect countless individual stories—families and communities now imbued with hope and health through our partners’ collective efforts. Deploying AI in areas lacking internet or electricity challenges us to innovate in product development and operationalization. We have alerted over 200,000 individuals to early signs of Tuberculosis, underscoring our commitment to making a significant impact where it matters most.

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