Humans, machine connected: Finding human relationships in AI

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Humans, machine connected: Finding human relationships in AI

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  • Connecting ourselves to a digital world is like drinking water from a fire hose. While technology such as AI and the internet allow us to operate at scale, we are finding ourselves overwhelmed not only by the amount of information we deal with but also how these technologies affect they we have behave towards ourselves and each other.

    What does it mean to be human when it feels like technology will overwhelm us? Can we navigate our way through a digital world and use AI to reconnect with who are, the people we love, and even with people we may not readily relate to?

    In this week’s Let’s Talk, we will connect with Dana Griffin, Co-Founder and CEO of Eldera, to brainstorm how AI can help us redefine positive relationship experiences in a period when we are so far apart. Dana will share her motivations for creating a platform that pairs kids and vetted mentors with the goal of bridging intergenerational gaps. She will also discuss her perspectives on the role conversational and relationship-facilitating AI plays in our lives, and what it means for us to rely on AI to augment an inherently unique human experience, both now and in the future.

    Let’s Talk is AI for Good’s series of live and interactive fireside chats focused on human-centric conversations around AI presented straight to social media.

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