AI safety & ethics for self-driving – Introducing the Molly problem

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AI safety & ethics for self-driving – Introducing the Molly problem

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  • AI should enable safe, secure, sustainable, accessible mobility for all. Yet today 1.3 million people die on our roads each year and road traffic injuries are the leading cause of death for children and young adults aged 5–29 years.

    Join us in a far reaching debate on the safe and ethical deployment of artificial intelligence on our roads; from fifty year old conventions to present day regulations; from driver assistance to automated driving; from self-driving cars to robotic autonomous systems; and from ethical debates framed by Trolley Problems to the introduction of new ways of ethical thinking offered by The Molly Problem on our roads and beyond. The session will also explore how lessons learnt in the safe transportation domain could similarly apply to other critical domains such as for example, Health.

    Organized by ITU, the discussions at this session will also inform the ongoing multistakeholder consultation process of the UN Secretary-General’s Digital Cooperation Roundtable for Recommendation 3C “Artificial Intelligence”.

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