Agricultural robotics for climate-resilient food production

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Agricultural robotics for climate-resilient food production

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  • With a world population blooming toward 9.7 billion in 2050 and global food demand expected to rise by at least 70%, producing enough food to feed the world will prove to be a formidable and critical global challenge. Moreover, climate change is becoming an increasing threat to agriculturalsystems as they operate under progressively hostile conditions like erratic rainfalls, drought spells and floods.

    Some exciting use cases are emerging to help tackle these challenges. Autonomous tractors, harvesters and agricultural machinery that leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics are bringing more precision to the agri-food industry as they can optimize yield quality, reduce drudgery and stabilize food production in view of climate change, to achieve greater food security and nutrition. However, while these solutions may seem almost utopian, questions remain. What is the future of these technologies in developing countries? What is their adaptability to the socio-economic contexts of smallholders? And how do we move from our current, unsustainable agricultural practices to more innovative and nurturing ones?

     This webinar will provide an opportunity to discuss the current state of agri-robot development, including emerging applications in remote sensing, data collection, localization, navigation, and computing capabilities. It will bring experts in the area to help prompt discussions and will provide a platform for those speaking and attending to share information, experience and ideas.

    See Minli Yang’s presentation here.

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