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By Celia Pizzuto

Anticipation is building as the AI for Good Global Summit draws near, scheduled to unfold on the 6th and 7th of July 2023. In its latest iteration, AI for Good continues its legacy of bringing together a global network of experts, innovators, and thought leaders from around the world, all with a shared passion for exploring AI’s transformative potential in addressing global challenges.

A highlight of the summit will be the Robotics for Good zone, a platform for spotlighting groundbreaking robotic technologies. These state-of-the-art machines exemplify how robots can contribute towards sustainable development and significantly enhance the quality of human life. The exhibit will feature a vast array of robots, from humanoid robots to advanced disaster management systems, offering attendees a captivating glimpse into the potential future of automation and its wide-reaching implications across various sectors for the benefit of humanity.

Humanoid robots 

Humanoid robots, an exciting intersection of science and imagination, have captivated not only the scientific community but also the broader public. With their anthropomorphic design, reflecting both the appearance and conduct of humans, these robots offer promising applications in fields such as healthcare, education, and entertainment. At the upcoming summit, participants will have the unique opportunity to engage with cutting-edge humanoid robots, including Sophia, Ameca, and Desdemona. This interactive experience provides a platform to delve deeper into their potential societal impacts – from extending caregiving support, providing companionship to our ageing population, to championing inclusive education.

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Food preparation robots 

In the sphere of culinary arts, advancements in robotics have made an indelible imprint. Robots designed for food preparation harbor the potential to radically transform our cooking and dining experiences. These ingenious automatons can tackle repetitive tasks with unerring precision, enhance efficiency in food production workflows, and maintain unwavering consistency in taste and quality. Guests venturing into the ‘Robotics for Good’ section will have the opportunity to observe these culinary robots in action. These demonstrations will provide a fascinating glimpse into the forthcoming era of automated and optimized culinary experiences.

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Assistive robots

Assistive robots have emerged as invaluable allies, providing essential support to individuals with disabilities or limited mobility. They provide assistance with routine tasks, amplify accessibility, and enhance independence for those in need. In the forthcoming summit, participants will explore the abilities of these assistive robots, ranging from advanced exoskeletons and robotic prosthetics to innovative mobility aids. This will provide an opportunity for attendees to experience firsthand the transformative potential of these technologies, shedding light on their capacity to empower individuals and foster an environment of inclusivity.

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Disaster management robots 

In times of crisis and natural disasters, robots can play a crucial role in disaster management and response efforts. These specialized machines, designed with purpose and precision, possess the extraordinary ability to navigate hazardous terrains, detect survivors, and make substantial contributions to relief efforts. At the upcoming summit, a curated collection of disaster response robots will be on display. This includes drones equipped with advanced thermal imaging technology and rescue bots meticulously engineered to access hard to reach areas. This showcase will underscore the profound potential these machines possess in preserving human lives and accelerating the recovery process post-disaster.

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Robots in construction 

The construction sector is poised to benefit from the integration of robotics and automation technologies. Robots designed for construction can tackle tasks that are demanding and labor-intensive, enhance efficiency, and improve safety measures on job sites. The Robotics for Good zone, will present an array of robotic systems with impressive capabilities. These systems are capable of autonomously laying bricks with unerring precision, executing meticulous welding tasks, and aiding in the handling of heavy materials. These robots offer a compelling preview of a not-so-distant future in the construction industry where intelligent machines work symbiotically with human personnel, revolutionizing the construction landscape.

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Agricultural robots 

With the global population on the rise, agricultural robots are stepping up to the agricultural robots offer innovative solutions to enhance productivity and sustainability in farming practices. These robots can proficiently carry out a diverse array of tasks, spanning from planting and harvesting to monitoring crop health, thereby streamlining agricultural operations and mitigating farming’s environmental footprint. The AI for Good Global Summit is set to cast a spotlight on these agricultural robots equiped with advanced sensors and driven by innovative AI algorithms, underlining their transformative potential to reshape the future of the agricultural industry.

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Urban robots

As urban areas continue to face challenges related to population growth and sustainability, the advent of urban robotics offers inventive and pragmatic solutions to urban planning, transit, and infrastructure upkeep. These robotic technologies not only promise to streamline logistics, but also elevate public safety measures and enrich the overall quality of urban living. Participants at the summit will have the opportunity to explore these advancements firsthand through exhibits like autonomous vehicles, highlighting their potential to transform urban environments and create smarter and more livable cities.

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Artistic robots

The intersection of robotics and art is a captivating field that challenges traditional notions of creativity. Artistic robots, with their remarkable capacities, manifest original and groundbreaking works encompassing various artistic mediums – from visual art to musical compositions. These machines blur the boundaries between technology and creativity, opening up new avenues for artistic exploration. At the AI for Good Global Summit, attendees will be immersed in interactive exhibits featuring distinguished robotic artists such as Ai-Da, Desdemona, and DrozBot, showcasing their ability to engage audiences and foster a deeper appreciation for the fusion of art and technology.

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Inspection robots

Revolutionizing industrial sectors, inspection and maintenance robots are delivering efficient, safe, and innovative solutions for asset inspection, maintenance, and monitoring. These mechanized agents, equipped with cutting-edge sensors and high-definition imaging systems, can identify defects, gather data, and perform tasks in hazardous or hard-to-reach environments. The Robotics for Good zone will serve as a platform for exhibition of inspection robots, including Elios 3, CERNbot, ANYmal, and Spot. Their demonstrations will effectively showcase the potential they possess to enhance operational efficiency, reduce risks for human workers, and contribute to sustainable development in various sectors.

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The AI for Good Global Summit’s Robotics for Good zone presents an exclusive window into the transformative capabilities of robotics. It brings to light the potential of automation to reinvent various industries, promote sustainability, and improve the quality of life for individuals worldwide, all the while focusing on assisting humans to tackle global challenges. As the summit looms closer, anticipation builds for the insights and innovations that are expected to redefine our collective future at the convergence of AI and robotics.

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