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Top 5 ways to engage at the AI for Good Global Summit

Artificial Intelligence | Global Summit

With just one week until the AI for Good Global Summit kicks off in Geneva at ITU, here are the top ways to maximize your participation, both in person and virtually on 5-6 July 2023.

1. Download the app

Launched this week, the AI for Good Neural Network app is the premier way to access the conference schedule and all main stage virtual sessions. Join the 18,000 online community and 3,000+ in-person participants in chats, video conferencing, and visit the virtual exhibition. You can post questions, connect with speakers and revisit all content on your smart phone or device.

Download the AI powered app from the App Store or Google Play, and complete your profile to receive personalized content suggestions and networking opportunities.

2. Join the #AIforGood #ITUaiSummit conversation on social media

In partnership with Samsung, we are awarding the top influencers who share their thoughts, photos and content on social media. The top social media accounts to follow on LinkedIn and Instagram and who share content and media using the two hashtags #AIforGood and #ITUaiSummit will win the latest Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. The individual who is awarded must be present at the closing ceremony of the Summit to receive their prize. Find out more about the competition here.

3. Interact with world-leading AI robots

The AI for Good Exhibition and Robots for SDG Stage gathers the world’s most advanced AI-powered robotics together in one place. Robotic solutions for farming, health, social assistance and many more will be on display. Tune into the first ever Robots Press Conference to hear from humanoid robots and their creators on how robotic innovations are helping people and the planet.

4. Learn about AI for Sustainable Development from world class speakers!

This Summit will feature 150 speakers in just two days. Including visionaries, artists, and some of the top minds in AI. The Keynote from leading author Yuval Harari will highlight the possible futures of AI in the context of world history. Renowned thinker Ray Kurzweil will offer his predictions for AI. The Summit will feature concrete solutions and use cases from across the United Nations and leading companies collaborating for a better future with AI. The United Nations SDG Zone is showcasing some of the innovative AI activities that have been implemented with UN partners.

5. Take action in contests and crowdsourcing competitions

The AI for Good Global Summit will launch several new competitions in collaboration with our partners. Be part of the action to apply AI for social good. Whether in the field of health, artistic intelligence or safe driving you can take part in crowdsourcing solutions for the SDGs. Stay tuned for contest announcements on social media.

6. Bonus!

Visit the AI for Good Blog for breaking news on upcoming contests, new programmes and outcomes launched at the Global Summit. Here we will announce the winners of the 2023 Innovation Factory and offer in-depth analysis of the talks, themes and decisions at the conference. In addition, subscribe to our YouTube channel. It is the place to see performances from AI inspired artists along with all of the streamed sessions, and interviews with our community of thought-leaders.

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