Ana Maiques

Ana Maiques

Ana Maiques is a prominent business and innovation figure, whose impact and influence in the fields of entrepreneurship and neuroscience are undeniable. As a co-founder of Neuroelectrics, a company with a bold vision to transform our interaction with the brain through the development of pioneering technologies to monitor and stimulate this vital organ, she has demonstrated exceptional leadership and inspiration. 

Under her leadership at Neuroelectrics, the company has achieved remarkable accomplishments, including recognition as one of the Best Entrepreneurial Companies in 2016 in the United States, awarded by Entrepreneur magazine. Her impressive career has been acknowledged on multiple occasions, including the prestigious Most Exceptional Entrepreneurs award by Goldman Sachs at the 2022 Builders and Innovators Summit, as well as the distinguished European Union Prize for Women Innovators from the European Commission in 2014, and the title of Most Inspiring Women on the Inspiring Fifty list in Europe for two consecutive years in 2015 and 2016. 

In addition to her significant role at Neuroelectrics, Ana Maiques is an active figure in the innovation scene, both in Europe and the United States. She is a permanent member of the European Innovation Council Advisory Board and became a Termeer Fellow at the Henri Termeer Foundation in 2018, reflecting her commitment to scientific and technological advancement 

Equally important is her role as a co-founder of EsTech, a platform for Spanish scale-ups and unicorns dedicated to fostering the growth of innovative companies. Her vision and leadership are fundamental to the realization of this ambitious mission. 

 Undoubtedly, Ana Maiques is a passionate advocate for gender equality in STEM fields. Her commitment extends beyond business and into creating opportunities for more women to participate in these fields. Through her dedication to Neuroelectrics, she has demonstrated that business success and the promotion of scientific advancements can go hand in hand. Ana is dedicated to business ethics and remains determined to break down barriers and promote a brighter future in science and technology. 

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