Becoming human 2.0: Wearable AI and the future of human augmentation

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Becoming human 2.0: Wearable AI and the future of human augmentation

With on-body technology, we can create bio-digital interfaces that amplify how we learn of and interact with the world, with ourselves, and with each other. But can we wear technology that redefines our worldviews, help us find empathy for others or answer questions about ourselves we’ve never thought to ask?

In this Let’s Talk, we will connect with Pat Pataranutaporn (Fluid Interfaces Research Group, MIT Media Lab) to talk about how the coupling of technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, Mixed Reality and Data Structures augments human experiences. We will discuss his motivations for his work in cognitive enhancement and human augmentation as well as his perspectives for how science fact and fiction collide when it comes to mainstreaming these technologies. We will also explore how the work being done with AI for on-body technologies will help accelerate our progress towards sustainability in topics such as wellbeing, education, and access to truthful information. Finally, we will brainstorm what end goals exist for human augmentation, the gaps we need to address for technology to be viable and useful for everyone, and where the line between the biological ends and the digital begins.

Let’s Talk is AI for Good’s series of live and interactive fireside chats focused on human-centric conversations around AI presented straight to social media.

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  • Start date
    13 November 2020 at 15:00 CET, Geneva
  • End date
    13 November 2020 at 15:30 CET, Geneva
  • Duration
    30 minutes
  • Programme stream
  • UN SDGs
  • Youtube
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