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Global Summit | Robotics for Good

The AI for Good Global Summit 2024 is expected to transcend the typical bounds of a conference, emerging as a way forward for the future and shining a light on the innovative applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in various sectors. This year, the summit is poised to present an impressive array of over 80 demonstrations including robots, drones, and brain-machine interfaces, which collectively exemplify the vast potential of AI in achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

This year’s lineup highlights advancements in social and humanoid robotics alongside entertainment and artistic innovations, demonstrating AI’s diverse capabilities. These demos underscore a future where AI enhances daily social interactions, education, and creative expression. They not only showcase the immediate benefits of AI but also its potential to fundamentally reshape how we live and interact.


Integration of AI with social and humanoid robotics:

Robots like Nadine, Sophia, Captcha the Robot, and SARA exemplify the promising convergence of AI and robotics in healthcare and education, representing prime examples of how humanoid robots can contribute to SDG 3: Good Health and Well-being. These humanoids offer potential revolutions in caregiving for the elderly and disabled, providing companionship and assistance where human resources are scarce, and aiming to reduce social inequalities.

Meanwhile,  Mercury X1  highlights its capabilities in emotional intelligence and educational transformation, supporting SDG 4: Quality Education and suggesting futures where AI provides support to caregivers and transforms educational practices. Navel and Beonmi focus on healthcare improvements and physical task efficiency, with Beonmi’s contributions aligning with SDG 9: Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure by enhancing urban operational efficiency.


Artistic and entertainment robotics as catalysts for cultural development:

The summit also showcases robots pioneering new artistic expressions, such as Ai-Da—a humanoid robot that paints—and Kieku AI Tools—an AI-driven music production innovation. These technologies not only foster SDG 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities by enhancing urban cultural vibrancy but also contribute significantly to SDG 9 by transforming the art production landscape and pushing creative industries towards more innovative, technologically integrated practices.

Projects like NomadZ and Bonjour Vincent exemplify this by advancing AI integration in the arts, enhancing industry and cultural development. NomadZ’s application of robotics in competitive settings and Bonjour Vincent’s innovative use of AI to replicate historical artistic voices both push the boundaries of technological and creative industries. These projects highlight how blending AI with cultural expressions can drive forward innovations in how we create and engage with art, potentially revolutionizing these industries


Navigating the ethical landscape

The summit not only showcases what AI can do but also serves as a platform for discussing its ethical implications. This is particularly evident during the AI Governance Day, a focused event that transitions from high-level ethical principles to practical governance implementations. As regulatory bodies worldwide begin to translate these principles into actionable rules, AI Governance Day tackles the challenges of maximizing AI’s benefits while minimizing risks, offering insights into effective regulatory practices and the development of necessary technological tools. This day highlights the disparity between AI capabilities and governance technologies, bringing together leaders and experts to discuss advancements and collaborative steps needed on the path from principles to implementation.


Looking to the future

This year’s AI for Good Global Summit reflects the broader aspirations of the AI field. It offers a glimpse into a future where robots could assist in sectors such as education, health, art and entertainment. The showcased technologies exemplify the promise of AI in helping achieve the SDGs, particularly those focused on health, education, industry, and sustainable communities.

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