AIcrowd – AI for Good AI Blitz finish

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AIcrowd – AI for Good AI Blitz finish

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  • On 21 August AIcrowd and ITU together launched the first global AI Blitz. A series of five small AI puzzles, to be solved within 21 days. The individual problems, centred around the SDGs, are designed for participants of any age with or without prior experience in anything AI. The goal is to encourage many of the participants to try their hands at doing a little bit of AI programming. The 21 August webinar launched the individual problems and featured the AIcrowd Founder and CEO Mohanty Sharada and his colleagues who have designed the problems for this Blitz, giving background information on the challenges. This webinar will centre around a “race to the finish webinar” which will monitor the final submission, and award the prizes to the winners.

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