Ghost in the Machine: Digital Humans in a Digital World

From COVID-19 to rapid automation, we find ourselves adrift in an increasingly technology-driven world. In this Let’s Talk, we will connect with David Vivancos (Serial Entrepreneur; Author, Automate or Be Automated) to explore the role AI plays in helping us maintain our humanity in a digital world. We will talk about the nature of digital humans and how AI plays into our notions on mind-body problem and human augmentation. We will also discuss the use of AI in areas such as healthcare and labour, where the technology succeeds, and how we can overcome the existing limitations for how we blur the lines between our body, our data, and the impact our actions have on both.

Let’s Talk is AI for Good’s series of live and interactive fireside chats focused on human-centric conversations around AI presented straight to social media.

Speakers, Panelists and Moderators

    Science and Technology Serial Entrepreneur
    With pioneer activities since 1995 in fields like: Internet, Java, Electronic Art, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Apps, Nano Sciences, 3D Printing, Neuro computing or Deep Learning, including building 5 companies and several initiatives in these fields. KeyNote Speaker with more than 300 conferences and seminars lectured worldwide in Europe & US. Associate lecturer in several universities, business schools & companies. Advisor to boards and CEOs in the journey from the digital world to the automated world, in 2014 started to transform how we interact with the electronic devices, using thoughts instead of other mediums. Hands on Thought Leader in the intersection of Neuroscience & Artificial Intelligence. Author of the Books “Automate or be Automated” 2020 & “From Big Data to Artificial Intelligence” Editions 2019 & 2016.


06 Nov 2020


CET, Geneva
14:00 - 14:30