AI for *REAL* Good – Real-time Innovation, Real-time Applications for Esports and Beyond

The emergence of esports is one of the big stories of our time. With an audience of over 450 million people, its popularity compels exciting visions of the future of sports, health and entertainment.

In our second Global Dialogue on Esports, ITU and the Global Esports Federation will explore the evolution of AI, its applications in the industry and how these developments can be used beyond esports to further our progress on the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Join our international panel of experts as they discuss how these solutions can transcend expectations and enable us to scale AI for Good.

Speakers, Panelists and Moderators

    GEF Digital, Technology, Innovation Commission, GEF Culture Focus Group; Managing Director
    International Sports Broadcasting (ISB)
    Ursula Romero is the Managing Director at the International Sports Broadcasting (ISB), a leader in the use of new technologies for broadcasting the Olympic Games and other major sports events. As part of the Global Esports Federation (GEF), Ursula serves on the GEF Digital, Technology, Innovation Commission and GEF Culture Focus Group.
    GEF Board Member Co-Chair, Technical and Development Commission; President
    Singapore Esports Association
    Chong Geng Ng is the President of the Singapore Esports Association. As part of the Global Esports Federation (GEF), Ng serves as the GEF Board Member Co-Chair of the Technical and Development Commission.
    Founder; Director & CSO, Roborace
    Autonomous Drivers Alliance (ADA)
    Bryn Balcombe is a Founder of the Autonomous Drivers Alliance (ADA) and the Chief Strategy Officer for Roborace, a motorsport competition for human and AI drivers, designed to accelerate the research and development of Vehicle Intelligence and human machine interfaces required for transportation of the future. His previous experience comes from Formula One where he architected and patented vehicle to infrastructure communication systems and developed the F1 Group’s first global media network. He has also consulted on technology strategy for organisations including the BBC and McCann Worldgroup and has a BEng in Mechanical Engineering & Vehicle Design. Balcombe is the chairman of ITU-T Focus Group on AI for Autonomous and Assisted Driving (FG-AI4AD).
    GEF Board Member Chair, Digital, Technology, Innovation Commission President and CEO
    OverActive Media
    Chris Overholt is the President and CEO of the OverActive Media. As part of the Global Esports Federation (GEF), he serves as the GEF Board Member Chair for the Digital, Technology, Innovation Commission. Chris joined the Canadian Olympic Committee in 2010 as chief executive officer and since then has helped the organization achieve unprecedented growth in all areas of its commercial operations. Reporting to the COC’s board of directors, Christopher is also tasked with oversight and accountability for the Olympic movement in Canada, all COC National Sport Development programs, its Olympic Games preparation, and event operations. He leads all aspects of the COC’s commercial enterprise including finance, human resources, sales and marketing. He works closely with the COC’s 52 National Sports Federations to provide the tools they need to develop the next generation of Olympians.
    Inventor, BBC "Click" Presenter
    BBC News
    World-renowned presenter LJ Rich is part of Click, the BBC’s flagship technology show. Since reading music at Oxford, she’s predicted tech trends and monitored emerging concepts in consumer electronics for over a decade, with particular interest in audio, AI and art. Her regular music show #ljtunes now has nearly 800,000 likes on Twitter’s live streaming service Periscope, and she’s performed live at some of the most prestigious venues on the planet. During her recent breast cancer treatment, LJ decided to make a video diary of her own chemo sessions to demystify it for others, which hit the top spot on the BBC website.
    Chair in Science Communication and Future Media
    University of Salford
    Andy Miah is the Chair in Science Communication & Future Media at the University of Salford. As part of the Global Esports Federation (GEF), he serves on the GEF Education, Culture, Wellness Commission, GEF Education Focus Group. Andy is a Fellow of the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies, USA and an Advisory Board Member for the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester, and Executive Committee member of the British Interactive Group (BIG). He has published over 150 academic articles in refereed journals and books, along with writing op eds for magazines and newspapers, such as the Washington Post and the Independent. Andy's research discusses the intersections of art, ethics, technology and culture, particularly as related to human enhancement.


23 Jul 2020


CEST, Geneva
16:30 - 17:30



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