Robotic exploration of subterranean worlds

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Robotic exploration of subterranean worlds

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  • Rarely discussed and often partially understood, subterranean environments are simultaneously extremely valuable but also potentially hazardous for human workers, explorers, or search and rescue personnel. Responding to this challenge, this AI for Good webinar investigates the potential of autonomous robotic exploration and search-and-rescue in underground settings.  

    Motivated by the organization of the DARPA Subterranean Challenge this session highlights the current state-of-the-art robots, explores the remaining scientific challenges, and assesses the applications and limitations of such technologies.  

    Our world is host to a multitude of subterranean environments of essential importance. Underground mines offer valuable resources serving the needs of our modern societies. Urban subterranean infrastructure such as the subway system of metropolitan areas offer critical services. Cave networks are of paramount scientific interest and represent unique ecosystems.  

    This session will identify the most impactful application domains for search-and-rescue robots. It will discuss how autonomous subterranean can serve the needs for enhanced safety during underground operations, rapid search operations in grueling subterranean conditions, and various versatile scientific tools to explore the partially understood depths of our planet or even the surfaces of other planets. 

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