AI for environmental sustainability

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AI for environmental sustainability

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  • The webinar will explore how AI can enhance environmental sustainability. It will provide unique insights into the relationship between emerging technologies and environmental efficiency, AI innovations and applications to achieve a low carbon future, and best practices paving the way for new ITU-T standards.

    Speakers from the industry, government, and telecom regulator will demonstrate their solutions for reducing carbon footprint to net zero, and share their perspectives on AI development for energy efficiency, at the regional and international level.

    The webinar will open with a Keynote by Neil Sahota, FG-AI4EE Co-Chairman, IBM Watson, on ‘’Sustainable Tech & Assistant: How AI Is Driving Environmental Protection’’

    It is no secret that technology is both an instigator of environmental impact and powerful tool for environmental conservation. However, we stand a time of a unique opportunity: using AI to improve green tech and accelerate the solution development in combating climate change. This Keynote will share the “earthshot” moment we have and how to realize it.

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    This Webinar is free and open to all.

    This Webinar will precede the fourth meeting of ITU-T Focus Group on “Environmental Efficiency for Artificial Intelligence and other Emerging Technologies”. Join the Group here:

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