FG-AI4EE Workshop on Advancing Environmental Efficiency of Emerging Technologies

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FG-AI4EE Workshop on Advancing Environmental Efficiency of Emerging Technologies

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  • The global economy could be 40 per cent larger in 2030. But by developing clean and efficient energy technologies, we could use 7 per cent less energy than today. (Source: IEA). 

    This upcoming ITU workshop will bring attention to the findings of the ITU Focus Group on Environmental Efficiency for Artificial Intelligence (AI) and other Emerging Technologies (FG-AI4EE), an open-to-all platform developing a basis for new ITU standards on environmental efficiency.  

    The workshop is organized by FG-AI4EE and hosted by AugmentCity of Ålesund, Norway, and co-hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). It will bring together a diverse set of participants to discuss technology, business and policy dimensions of environmental efficiency. 

    Participation is open to all, with online remote participation also on offer. The Focus Group (FG-AI4EE) will meet on 1-2 December 2022 at the same venue. 

    Registration is mandatory and a free ITU user account is required to register. 

    NOTE: To attend the Workshop on 30 November remotely or in-person in Norway, please find out more and register here. The AI4G Neural Network will publish recordings of certain sessions of the workshop only after the workshop has concluded. 

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