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Canvas of the Future: AI-Driven Visions of a Sustainable World

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Today is the official launch of Canvas of the Future, a ground-breaking initiative by ITU’s AI for Good in collaboration with Shutterstock. This contest is a unique opportunity for artists, creators, and AI enthusiasts worldwide to join the global dialogue on how artificial intelligence (AI) can advance the
United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) and showcase their visions of a better future by exploring the intersection of AI and art.

This AI-driven art competition aims to show the creative and transformative power of AI. AI for Good has been identifying practical applications of AI to advance the UN SDGs and scale those solutions for global impact – and now is seeking the innovative and creative spirit of artists to inspire new visions of
the future.

AI is revolutionizing the art world, offering fresh perspectives and challenging traditional ideas about creativity. As AI’s role in art grows, its ethical and responsible use must be ensured. The fusion of art and AI forecasts a thrilling future filled with unprecedented possibilities and transformations, one that Canvas of the Future strives to reveal.

The judging criteria for the contest includes creating original, technically advanced artwork in the form of high resolution digital images using innovative, ethically sourced and licensable AI tools and techniques. The creations must reflect a unique and thought-provoking perspective on sustainability and the UN SDGs, effectively communicate the artists vision, resonate with a diverse and international audience, and be relevant to the activities of UN institutions and compatible with the values, purposes and principles of the UN. Finally, the art should spark meaningful conversations, raise awareness, or inspire action on sustainability and the UN SDGs within the AI for Good Global Summit and beyond.

The website and submission form for the AI-driven Art Contest are now available. All creative minds, whether they are seasoned artists, AI enthusiasts, or simply individuals intrigued by the concept of AI and art, are encouraged to participate. The entries will be judged by an expert panel of AI and art professionals. The winner of the contest will be invited to join the AI for Good Global Summit 2024 on 30-31 May in Geneva.

Stay tuned for exciting updates, newsletters, webinars, the Artist of the Week campaign and more!

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