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Announcing the Judging Criteria for the AI-Driven Art Contest: Canvas of the Future

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Canvas of the Future, the innovative AI-driven art contest by ITU’s AI for Good platform in collaboration with Shutterstock, is a unique opportunity aims to advance the frontier of creativity and technology by sparking global dialogue on how AI can advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs). Artists, AI enthusiasts, and anyone inspired by the limitless possibilities that the nexus of AI and art has to offer are invited to submit their visions of a sustainable future.  

As you begin creating, ensure that you adhere to the contest judging criteria. The esteemed panel of judges, comprised of AI and art experts will review the submitted works based on the following elements: 

  1. Mastery of technique – the artwork should demonstrate proficiency in using AI technologies for artistic expression, by showcasing a high level of technical skill and mastery of the chosen medium
  2. Creativity and originality – the artwork should display a unique and imaginative approach of the artists individual perspective on sustainability and the UN SDGs
  3. Effective use of AI technology – the artwork should showcase the innovative application of AI techniques, such as generative algorithms, neural networks, or machine learning in the creative process
  4. Connection to UN SDGs – the artwork should clearly demonstrate the potential of AI in advancing one or more of the UN SDGs, highlighting the link between technology and global sustainability challenges
  5. Visual impact and aesthetic appeal – the artwork should be visually striking and engaging, effectively capturing the attention of viewers and encouraging further exploration of the topic
  6. Clarity of message – the artwork should effectively communicate the artists vision of a sustainable future, with a clear and compelling narrative that demonstrates an understanding of the UN SDGs
  7. Potential to inspire and provoke thought – the artwork should inspire and provoke a sense of wonder, curiosity, or reflection, prompting viewers to consider the role of AI and technology in shaping a sustainable future
  8. Boundary transcending, international resonance – the artwork should resonate with a diverse, international audience, transcending cultural boundaries and reflecting the interconnected nature of global sustainability challenges
  9. Power to impact – the artwork should have the potential to spark meaningful conversations, raise awareness, or inspire action around the theme of sustainability and the UN SDGs, both within the AI for Good Global Summit and beyond

Submit your diverse and original visions of a better future by 29 February 2024, and await the announcement of the winner on 1 April 2024. The contest winner will be invited to showcase their creative brilliance at the AI for Good Global Summit 2024 on 30-31 May in Geneva.  

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