PARO is a baby seal robot with Artificial Intelligence. PARO can be a companion for humans as a pet in our daily lives. In addition, as like animal therapy, PARO is a “biofeedback medical device” to improve moods, stress, anxiety, depression, agitation (such as violent behaviors, abuse words, and walking about), insomnia, etc. for patients with dementia, cancer, PTSD, brain injury, Parkinson’s disease, etc. for from children to elderly.

PARO has been used in more than 30 counties.

PARO has been used for Ukrainian refugees in Poland by the UN IOM and UNICEF.

UN IOM: Thank you to the Embassy of Japan in Poland, who donated 8 PARO therapeutic robot seals to IOM’s pa… |

UNICEF: Rashed Mustafa on X: “PARO Therapeutic Robot has been found to improve relaxation and reduce stress. Thank you to Amb. @AkioMiyajima and Prof. Takanori Shibata @AIST_EN for gifting PAROs to Spilno Hubs in Poland, in an effort to support refugee children in improving their mental health.” / X (


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  • Organization
    National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST)
  • Profession
    Therapeutic robot baby harp seal

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