How to Develop Accountable AI Solutions?

Since the foundation of the AI for Good Summit we have seen numerous great examples of how Artificial Intelligence can help solve the world’s problems to address the Sustainability Development Goals. However, AI technology is being developed in such a manner that its governance is at stake. Furthermore, the signatories of the SDGs have pledged to Leave No One Behind. This raises questions on accountability.

How can we develop Accountable AI solutions and how can we provide fair access for all? This workshop will explore these issues. Aimee van Wynsberghe will present data ethics as a resource to understand the risks and to mitigate those risks while Jan Kleijssen will present the Council of Europe’s approach to establish a legal framework for AI.

Speakers, Panelists and Moderators

    Member European Commission high level expert group on AI, Co-director Foundation
    TU Delft
    Aimee van Wynsberghe has been working in ICT and robotics since 2004. She began her career as part of a research team investigating the network variables related to surgical robots in Canada at the CSTAR (Canadian Surgical Technologies and Advance Robotics) Institute. She is Assistant Professor in Ethics and Technology and the TU Delft. She is co-founder and co-director of the Foundation for Responsible Robotics and on the board of the Institute for Accountability in a digital age and the Dutch National Alliance on AI (ALLAI). She serves as a member of the European Commission high level expert group on AI. Aimee has been named one of the Netherlands top 400 influential women under 38 by VIVA, was named one of the 25 ‘women in robotics you need to know about’, and is the 2018 winner of the L'oreal/UNESCO 'Women in Science'. She is author of the book Healthcare Robots: Ethics, Design, and Implementation and has been awarded an NWO personal research grant to study how we can responsibly design service robots. She has been interviewed by BBC, Quartz, Financial Times, and other International news media on the topic of ethics and robots, and is invited to speak at International conferences and summits.
    Director of Information Society - Action against Crime
    Council of Europe
    Jan Kleijssen was born in 1958 in Almelo, The Netherlands. He studied International Law at Utrecht State University (LLM in 1981) and International Affairs at the Norman Paterson School of International Affairs, Carleton University, Ottawa (MA 1982). He then did his military service as a Sub-Lieutenant in the Royal Netherlands Navy. Jan joined the Council of Europe in 1983 as a Lawyer with the European Commission of Human Rights. In 1987, he was appointed to the Secretariat of the Parliamentary Assembly and was Secretary to the Political Affairs Committee from 1990 to 1999. Jan then served as the Director of the Secretary General's Private Office until 2004 and subsequently as Director in the Parliamentary Assembly and Special Advisor to the President. In 2006, he moved to the Directorate General of Human Rights and was Director of Standard-setting until 2011 when he was appointed to his current function of Director of Information Society - Action against Crime, Directorate General Human Rights and Rule of Law.
    Institute for Accountability in the Digital Age (I4ADA)
    Partner and Secretary General International Relations CIONET, a network of over 6500 CIOs and Digital leaders in Europe and South-America. He represents CIONET on a number of European Commission projects in the area of eSkills and eLeadership development. He founded the Global Digital Leaders Alliance, linking the CIO communities from China, India, Europe, Russia, South America and the US to each other and representing over 25.000 Digital Leaders. He is the founder and chair of iPoort a community for the members of the Dutch parliament to discuss the value and role of IT in the Dutch society. He sits on the board of advice of a number of international associations and academic institutions including the Global Industry Council Directors of the IP3, an UNESCO-consultative body, the Assciation for Accountability and Internet Democracy, the ACM Marketing Board, Digital Africa, IPBPM in Portugal, the BPM-Forum and General Council Netherlands. He has helped organize numerous conferences including WCIT2010; WCC2012; the World CIO Forum, Xian; Future of Finance, San Francisco; K.E.Y. Platform, Seoul, and several TEDx events. He is frequently asked to speak at or moderate events. Occasionally, he coaches organizations on collaboration and strategy. He has an MSc from Delft University. His goal is to explore the interaction of Information Technology, Innovation and Impact. ​​
    Managing Director & Founder; co-founder of the Institute for Accountability in the Digital Age
    Arthur's Legal
    Arthur van der Wees, LLM studied and obtained his doctorate degree in computer, privacy, intellectual property rights and business law and human rights at Leiden University. He is founder and managing director of Arthur’s Legal, an international law firm with a global reach. Next to being co-founder and director to the Institute for Future of Living, Arthur is founding member of the Alliance for IoT Innovation (AIOTI), where he is leader of both the Security in IoT, Privacy in IoT and Trust in IoT taskforces. and co-founder of the Institute for Accountability in the Digital Age. Arthur is attorney at law, standardization expert, entrepreneur, strategist and frequent speaker worldwide and has in-depth experience and is well-connected in the world of digital, data, human-centric emerging technology, accountability, resilience & global business.


02 Jul 2020


CEST, Geneva
16:00 - 17:30



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