Project resilience

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Project resilience

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  • The global pandemic of 2020 impacted the world in many unexpected ways – demonstrating that we need increased readiness to respond to global risks and to be able to help society support its normal function while safeguarding everyone.

    The collaboration between XPRIZE, Cognizant, ITU, and Oxford University via the Pandemic Response Challenge demonstrated how we could convene a group of experts – data scientists, epidemiologists, public health officials, to build a useful set of tools to advise us on how to cope with and plan around a health disruption to society.

    In order to continue the work, we are initiating a collaborative effort named “Project Resilience”. Our vision, in the continuity of efforts towards AI Commons, is to create a public AI utility where a global community of innovators and thought leaders can enhance and utilize a collection of data and AI approaches both in the context of the current pandemic and for similar future challenges.

    A first working session is planned for June 23rd to scope and plan working groups and serve as a pre-launch for the project. Following this, Project Resilience, hosted under this Global Initiative on AI and Data Commons, will be open to participation to all.

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