NetHope webinar: AI ethics for social impact sector

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NetHope webinar: AI ethics for social impact sector

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is one of those technologies that can have a transformative impact on our ability to solve some of the toughest global challenges, like the refugee crisis, poverty, infectious disease outbreaks. As the advancements in AI accelerate and as the AI gets embedded all around us, those working in the social impact sector have a responsibility to the people and communities they support to apply all available tools in a meaningful, responsible, and sustainable way. The challenge facing social impact organizations and their partners today is to responsibly develop and use AI technology – maximizing its benefits while minimizing risks and protecting human rights.

NetHope (a nonprofit technology consortium of 60 global NGOs) has partnered with USAID, MIT D-Lab, and Plan International to put together a program designed to equip the social impact sector with the information they need in order to implement AI responsibly and ethically.

This webinar is focused on the key AI ethics concepts and the ethical considerations related to the principle of Fairness. In the webinar, we’ll explore the following:

What is AI ethics? What is responsible innovation?
What are some of the ethical issues surrounding technology use today?
What are the key considerations related to the principle of Fairness and AI/ML?
How do you design and develop an ethical Machine Learning project?
A case study that highlights risks, issues, and path to achieving ethical AI /ML solutions.

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