How AI impacts chess and the game of World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen

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How AI impacts chess and the game of World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen

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  • Chess-playing computers have been better than human World Chess Champions for more than 20 years now. However, when DeepMind published a preprint in December 2017 (which was published in the journal Science in December 2018) about AlphaZero, a computer program based on neural networks and mastering the games of chess, shogi and go, not only the world of chess paid attention.

    This webinar explains recent AI developments in chess and how it impacts chess played by humans. Join Peter Heine Nielsen, Chess Grandmaster and coach of World Chess Champion Magnus Carlsen, and Sebastian J. Kuhnert, CEO of chess24, who will share their experience in using AI in chess and illustrate innovation in sports during COVID-19 and beyond. The webinar is moderated by Kenneth Cukier of The Economist.

    Key Topics:
    – What have been AI developments in chess since AlphaZero?
    – How has AI influenced and changed Magnus Carlsen’s preparation?
    – Has human chess become better because of AI?
    – How has AI been used to ensure prevent cheating: the use case of Magnus Carlsen Invitational (18 April – 3 May 2020)
    – The use of AI in chess for kids
    – What might be future developments of AI in chess?

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