Can image-based AI meaningfully impact COVID-19 response in low resource settings?

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Can image-based AI meaningfully impact COVID-19 response in low resource settings?

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  • Practical uses for image-based radiological AI tools are being explored as part of the COVID-19 response globally. These solutions are being proposed to complement and fill gaps in the current response, through applications such as increasing testing capacity by distinguishing COVID-19 from community acquired pneumonia; and improving the detection rate and treatment consistency of COVID-19 cases. While these tools have immense potential to address critical needs, there remain concerns about their practicality, accuracy and utility, especially in low-resource settings.

    By bringing together experts in the field of radiology and beyond, this webinar will explore the opportunities and challenges for the use of imaged-based AI tools in the COVID-19 response. Panelists will discuss the broader context for the application of these tools; explore how they are being developed and evaluated; and identify what steps need to be taken to maximize the potential of image-based AI while mitigating the risks.

    This webinar is part of series hosted by DASH, the Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Summits for Health, an initiative by the Harvard Global Health Institute and Novartis Foundation. Today’s webinar is also in collaboration with Grupo Tellus, the first organization of Public Services Design and Innovation in Brazil.

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