Accelerating the solar transition with autonomous robots

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Accelerating the solar transition with autonomous robots

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  • Solar energy has the potential to be the main energy source powering the world by 2050. With the need for ever-larger solar generating stations, robots are providing incredibly useful to expedite solar park construction, to collect performance data, to repair defective photovoltaic cells, to perform vegetation and cleaning tasks or to adjust module angles towards the sun. 

    These innovations are driving solar energy production and efficiency, reducing the time and cost of solar installation and maintenance while allowing solar panels to absorb the maximum amount of sunlight. Find out how autonomous robots are accelerating the future of solar energy, making it more affordable and contributing to the goal of net-zero emissions. 

    This live event includes a 15-minute networking event hosted on the AI for Good Neural Network. This is your opportunity to ask questions, interact with the panelists and participants and build connections with the AI for Good community.

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