AI for Good hosts 7th UN Partners Meeting at WTPF-21

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AI for Good hosts 7th UN Partners Meeting at WTPF-21

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  • Join AI for Good and our United Nations’ partners at the virtual event to be held on the sidelines of the World Telecommunication/ICT Policy Forum (WTPF-21), on 16 December.

    Discover how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) applications are supporting UN agencies and the evolving role of AI for Good to build, connect and scale innovative partnerships.

    This event includes the launch of the 2021 UN AI Activities Report by the ITU Secretary General, highlighting updates from UN AI Activities.

    You are invited to a live demonstration of the new community building platform, the AI for Good Neural Network. Aiming to connect innovators, problem solvers and the UN community, this AI-powered, smart matching platform is set to be launched next year.

    Learn more about the Neural Network and other announcements on joint UN programming planned for 2022.  

    This is an invitation to all partners to actively participate in building the AI for Good future. This Partners Meeting will include a call for action to mainstream AI innovation and to continue to build on these partnerships to leverage new technologies for sustainable development.

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