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TikTok and AI for Good: The next Generation


By Alexandra Bustos Iliescu

TikTok may have rose to popularity as a dance and music social app, but, with nearly 1 billion monthly active users within six years since its launch, TikTok is now a key social channel to reach young audiences and inspire the next generation of AI for Good innovators, builders, and content creators.

That’s why AI for Good has launched our newest community channel, @itu_aiforgood on TikTok

It’s undeniable that the rapid success of this platform was accelerated by the younger generation, with 65% searching for sources of entertainment on their devices [Source: Forbes]. But it now disrupting the current social media landscape offering new and fun ways to build social connections by sharing inspiring content.

Watch some of our latest videos here:

@itu_aiforgood Youth and #Ai! #tiktok #original #new #fyp #foryoupage #foryou #aiforgood ♬ original sound – AI for Good

At AI for Good, we already know the many ways Artificial Intelligence (AI) is improving our lives, elevating our sciences and industries, and empowering society to achieve a better future. Technological advancements have progressed in lockstep with younger generations, also termed digital natives, who have a natural affinity for technology. As a result, it’s critical to discover ways to reach younger generations, the shapers of tomorrow, and teach them about AI in short, simple, innovative, and creative ways. By capturing solutions in 60-second videos (or less!), we seek to pique interest and shed light on artificial intelligence. Our goal is for users who stumble across the AI for Good TikTok video to ponder on artificial intelligence, how it is now changing their lives, and its future potential.

Don’t worry if you are not a technical expert. You don’t have to be an Engineering PhD to appreciate the advancements in robotics for good, AI for health treatments or the incredible power of AI artists to create wonderful and thoughtful pieces of artwork.

We know that ‘technical’ vocabulary in AI could deter young people from learning about AI due to the apparent complexity of the topic. As a result, our TikTok channel debuted with the goal of creating content for anybody, interest in artificial intelligence through dynamic, instructive, and engaging videos. We want to expand our worldwide reach to emphasize how AI is being used to unearth practical applications for UN SDGs with global impact

Follow @itu_aiforgood on TikTok for key statistics, United Nations stories and case studies, robotics videos, the current and future of artificial intelligence, and creative challenges inviting TikTok users to duet and stitch our video and participate to our challenge to “learn, build, and connect.”

TikTok’s snowball effect has managed to reach and capture the attention of people of all ages, particularly youth, and has challenged the ways we interact and exchange information. At AI for Good, we’ve made the jump onto the social media’s bandwagon! WE invite young generations and those young at heart, to share videos with us, ask questions about AI and learn how we can shape our AI future together!

Join us on TikTok at @itu_aiforgood

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