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The AI for Good Global Summit: Uniting visionaries and advancing global development through AI

Global Summit

By Celia Pizzuto

In a world facing complex challenges, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) AI for Good initiative has emerged as a remarkable force at the intersection of technology and social impact. This groundbreaking movement, dedicated to addressing the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through the power of AI, has undergone a remarkable evolution since its inception. As anticipation builds for the AI for Good Global Summit in Geneva, Switzerland, the world awaits a transformative gathering of global thought leaders and innovators committed to driving positive change.

Pioneering the path to progress

The AI for Good initiative was established in 2017 with the aim of convening a summit to explore the potential of AI for social impact. Over time, it has grown and evolved into a year-round digital platform that fosters collaboration between AI innovators and individuals tackling real-world challenges. Through partnerships with 40 United Nations Sister Agencies, AI for Good has become a global and inclusive UN platform, driving decisive action in the field of AI.

The highly anticipated AI for Good Global Summit, a centerpiece of the initiative, is poised for a momentous gathering in Geneva on 6-7 July 2023, with the possibility to join remotely via the AI-powered platform, the Neural Network. Overcoming the challenges posed by the pandemic, this landmark summit aims to reconnect participants in a physical setting, providing unparalleled opportunities for networking, solution-matching, and collaboration.

Visionary leaders, UN partners and advanced robots at the AI for Good Global Summit

The Global Summit stands as the world’s first event to bring together a distinguished panel of industry leaders, renowned intellectuals, and influential figures in the field of AI. With notable speakers such as Gary Marcus, Werner Vogels, Lila Ibrahim, Yuval Noah Harari, Ray Kurzweil, Baroness Joanna Shields and Wendell Wallach, this summit showcases the convergence of expertise and visionary thinking. The summit also welcomes the participation of advanced robots such as Ameca, Sophia, Ai-Da Robot or Desdemona, that captivate attendees with their realistic interactions. Additionally, this landmark gathering unites an array of United Nations partners, reinforcing its global reach and fostering collaborative action. A testament to its pioneering spirit, AI for Good proudly announces the world’s first press conference featuring eight humanoid robots serving as a captivating showcase of the intersection between AI and media.

Key program highlights

The Global Summit presents a comprehensive program that sets the stage for thought-provoking discussions and innovative showcases. By harnessing AI’s capabilities in areas such as health, environment, robotics, ethics, generative AI, and youth empowerment, the program empowers participants, including young leaders and innovators, to explore practical solutions aligned with the UN SDGs. Attendees will engage in dynamic sessions dedicated to exploring AI’s applications in key domains, providing a platform for experts and innovators to share insights and exchange ideas on how AI can revolutionize these fields. Through collective efforts, this landmark summit strives to drive transformative advancements in AI, ensuring its responsible and ethical use while maximizing its positive impact on global development.

Here is a snapshot of some key sessions:

  • AI – Could We Have a Better Civilization? Keynote Speakers: Stuart Russell and Baroness Joanna Shields. Topic: Exploring the potential and challenges of leveraging AI to create an improved civilization.
  • AI and the Future of Humanity Keynote Speaker: Yuval Noah Harari. Topic: A discussion on the future of humanity in an AI-driven world, touching on its potential impact on culture, intimacy, and human history.
  • The Equality Machine – Harnessing AI for a Brighter, More Inclusive Future Keynote Speaker: Orly Lobel. Topic: Advocating for the potential of AI to foster a more inclusive and equitable future.
  • The Future of Intelligence: Artificial, Natural, and Combined Keynote Speaker: Ray Kurzweil. Topic: A revisit of Kurzweil’s prediction on the future of intelligence, and a discussion on how AI might transform our understanding of life in the next two decades.
  • Using AI to Tackle Our Planet’s Most Urgent Problems Keynote Speaker: Werner Vogels. Topic: An exploration of global applications of AI in addressing pressing issues like climate change, hunger, and health.
  • Using AI for Good: Advancing the SDGs Keynote Speaker: Juan Lavista Ferres. Topic: An engaging exploration of the intersection of AI and sustainable development, showcasing real-world examples of AI’s potential to address global challenges.
  • Fireside Chat: Solving Global Challenges with AI and Science Speakers: Doreen Bogdan-Martin and Lila Ibrahim. Topic: A discussion on the role of AI and science in solving global issues, encapsulating the ITU AI for Good Global Summit’s commitment to leveraging AI for the greater good.

More than a summit

The AI for Good Global Summit embodies an unparalleled convergence of technology, innovation, and global collaboration, bringing together esteemed speakers, advanced robots, UN partners, and hosting a groundbreaking press conference. What sets this summit apart is not only its unique combination of participants and cutting-edge technology, but also its comprehensive program and inclusive approach that encourages participation from diverse stakeholders worldwide. It serves as a platform for experts and innovators to share insights, exchange ideas, and collaborate on practical solutions aligned with the UN SDGs. By harnessing the capabilities of AI, this summit aims to drive transformative advancements while ensuring the responsible and ethical use of AI, maximizing its positive impact on global development and shaping a better future for humanity.


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