Simão Campos

Simão Campos

Most of my career has been with ICT/Telecommunications standards development – in other words, helping people navigate the fine line of picking the best technology that yet is practical to be implemented.

I joined the secretariat of the ITU Standardization Sector in 2002, where I am the Counsellor for ITU-T Study Group 16 (for standardization work on multimedia services, protocols, systems, terminals and media coding, including accessibility, digital health, IPTV and Digital Signage) and the head of the Secretariat for the ITU/WHO Focus Group on AI for Health. I organized several workshops (e.g. Multimedia in NGN, Telecoms for Disaster Relief, RFID, Standardization in E-health; SIIT2005) and was the editor of the first version of the ITU-T Security Manual. Additionally, I’ve led and contributed significantly to various initiatives within ITU-T for improving electronic working methods, publication and databases used for the standardization work in ITU. Some notable technical standards whose development I managed include Primetime Emmy recipients H.264 AVC, H.265 HEVC and JPEG; as well as ITU/WHO H.870 Safe Listening Devices and H.810-series Continua Design Guidelines.

Prior to joining ITU in 2002, I worked for 8 years as a scientist in COMSAT Laboratories performing standards representation and quality assessment for digital voice coding systems, and before that I was a researcher at Telebras’s R&D Center (CPqD), in Campinas, Brazil.

I am a Senior Member of the IEEE, and have authored several academic papers and position papers, and served in the review committee of several IEEE-sponsored conferences. I believe academia can provide a distinctive contribution to standards, so I have been a long-time supporter of increased involvement of academia in the standardization work in ITU, and led the team that organized the first ITU Kaleidoscope Conference in 2008.

Specialties: standardization, telecommunications, multimedia, media compression, IPTV, videoconferencing, telepresence, signal processing, DLT, e-health, digital health, AI for health.

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  • Organization
    International Telecommunication Union (ITU)
  • Profession
    Head of Secretariat, Focus Group on AI for Health
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