Liljana Çela

Liljana Çela

Holding the position of Road Safety Desk Officer in Transport Community Secretariat in Belgrade, Serbia. Last 10 years, she has been working for the road safety agenda of the Western Balkans region and leading the work of the Road Safety Technical Committee.

Her work is focused on drafting regional road safety action plans based on existing gaps and assistance needs as well as in improving the quality of road safety data.  She has used her expertise and working experience to build a new road safety regional platform and find solutions for improving road safety in Western Balkans. She is one of the founding stones of the Western Balkans Road Safety Observatory (WBRSO).

She holds a MSc in Geographical Information Science, the University of London with a dissertation in Road Safety data and has an educational background in Road Safety for Low Middle-Income Countries (LMIC) from Delft Technical University, Nederland.

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  • Organization
    Transport Community Secretariat
  • Profession
    Road Safety Desk Officer

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