Cydni Tetro

Cydni Tetro

Cydni Tetro is a luminary in the technology world, celebrated as the 2023 EY Entrepreneur of the Year and recognized for her exceptional achievements as a record-breaking fundraiser, a visionary in consumer technology, and a vanguard for women in the tech industry. With her recent monumental accomplishment of raising $118M—the largest fundraise led by a woman in Silicon Slopes—Cydni skillfully navigated Brandless from a modest $1.5M to an astounding $100M in revenue within just 24 months.  

As the founder and CEO of IdeaCloud, she propelled companies like Verizon, Adobe, Microsoft, and Dell towards a collective growth of $1B, ultimately leading to the sale of her company in 2020. Her entrepreneurial spirit also shone through with 3DplusMe, a 3D printing personalization platform that secured partnerships with giants like Marvel, Star Wars, and Walmart before its acquisition. She also worked at Disney in Imagineering driving technology commercialization and innovation experiences.  

Beyond her corporate achievements, Cydni has made significant contributions to the tech community as the founder and President of the Women Tech Council and co-founder of the SheTech program, impacting over 40,000 high school girls. Her dedication to nurturing talent and innovation is further evidenced by her work with small businesses and her role as an educator.  

With two patents to her name and numerous accolades including CEO of the Year and Women of the Year, Cydni’s influence extends across the tech industry and beyond, making her a true beacon of leadership and innovation. 

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