Whether you were not able to attend the 2018 AI for Good Global Summit, or you would just like to revisit the event, you can read below what was discussed, debated, and implemented during the Summit. You can also take a deeper look into each of the four Breakthrough tracks, as well as the United Nations’ activities on AI.

UN activities on Artificial


AI for Good Global Summit 

2018 Report

Track 1: AI and Smart Cities and Smart Communities

Track 2: AI and Health

Track 3: The Eye in the Sky: Space, AI & Satellites

Track 4: Trusting AI: Will Mankind Master the Machine, or Vice Versa?

The AI for Good Global Summit is THE leading United Nations platform for global and inclusive dialogue on AI. The Summit is hosted each year in Geneva by the ITU in partnership with UN Sister agencies, XPRIZE Foundation and ACM.

AI for Good

Global Summit

28-31 May 2019

Geneva, Switzerland

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