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Groundbreaking Report Highlights Artificial Intelligence in Africa

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The new State of AI in Africa Report created by the AI Media Group from South Africa, offers an analytical insight into the growing Artificial Intelligence (AI) sector in Africa, a topic that has not been fully explored up until now. The unique report contains statistics and trends, offering an in-depth look at key factors and communities driving the ecosystem across the continent.

Launched last month at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) in Pretoria, South Africa, this 32-page report is crucial for anyone who is looking for a richer understanding about the dynamics of this rapidly growing frontier tech market. The fact that Africa’s tech market is growing at an incredibly fast rate cannot be understated, as the report mentions “growth in the number of companies founded was exponential over the last 10 years.”

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Africa is currently at a massive turning point and supporting AI makes the region ripe with opportunity for a better future.

“I recognize the opportunity this new Africa represents in the age of AI and smart technology. The possibilities that abound with the use of data and solutions that can change lives in Health, Education, Deep-Tech, Research, Fintech, Agritech and Climate Change” said John Kamara, Co-Founder of Aice & Afyarekod in the report’s foreward.

Therefore, Kamara urges Africa to “embrace and adopt AI as a key, if not the most important, form of technology to make sure we are truly part of the 4th Industrial Revolution.”

Dr. Nick Bradshaw, report author, and CEO of the AI Media Group recently told AI Expo Africa how important the report’s findings are.

“A key finding was just how cross cutting this technology is. South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt & Kenya dominate this sector with AI impacting at least 120+ separate market segments across Africa,” said Dr. Bradshaw.

AI’s development in Africa is attracting huge amounts of resources and funds, with Tunisian AI start-up InstaDeep “receiving $100m USD funding earlier in 2022. The global market is also projected to grow from $387 Bn USD in 2022 to $1,394 Bn by 2029, exhibiting a CAGR of 20%.”

According to the report there are now over 30 AI / Deep Tech communities in the Africa region providing a range of services and attracting “wannabe learners, entrepreneurs and job seekers allied to a growing range of vendor based programmes supporting the creation of AI / Deep Tech solutions.”

As the report findings show, a “positive sign that this technology and its attendant start-up ecosystems can win big across Africa if these trends continue.”

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