Building a decision-augmentation platform to address global issues

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Building a decision-augmentation platform to address global issues

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  • This workshop aims to foster discussions around the development of a collaborative portal and platform to address global decision-augmentation challenges, such as climate change, pandemic resilience, and food safety. As part of the ITU’s AI and Data Common’s Project Resilience, we seek to establish standards, processes, and software that enable worldwide teams to define project scopes, collaborate on solutions, and integrate local AI efforts to tackle global issues. The platform will serve as a model clearinghouse for AI-based decision augmentation systems and promote the inclusion of local AI contributions into a larger, collaborative system. A crucial aspect of the platform will be the creation and maintenance of standards and APIs to support contributions to the overall project. The workshop will provide a platform for idea exchange, requirement discussions, and exploration of ways to realize this vision.


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    • Opening remarks – Babak Hodjat
    • Pandemic Resilience Use Case - Risto Miikkulainen
    • Goals and objectives of the workshop – Babak Hodjat / Amir Banifatemi

    Building data products in a pandemic: Perspectives from the Oxford COVID-19 Government Response Tracker – Toby Phillips (online)


    Data Considerations - Gyu Myoung Lee


    Climate Change MVP Project and challenges – Olivier Francon


    Architecture Outline and Considerations – Premkumar Krishnamurthy (online)

    Parallel discussions on use cases, collaborative projects, challenges, and design:

      1. Identifying and Prioritizing Decision-Augmentation Use Cases
        • Discuss various use cases for the portal and platform, focusing on high-impact applications such as various aspects of climate change, pandemic resilience, food security
      2. Building Collaborative Networks and Engaging Stakeholders
        • Explore potential partners, organizations, and contributors for collaborative projects and discuss strategies for effective engagement.
      3. Overcoming Technical Challenges and Barriers to Collaboration
        • Identify the main technical challenges and collaboration barriers and propose possible solutions or mitigation strategies.
      4. Designing the Portal and Platform: Architecture, Standards, and APIs
        • Deliberate on the design and development of the portal and platform, including the establishment of standards, APIs, and best practices.

    Everyone gets a chance to contribute their opinions and new ideas to the insights from the breakout sessions.

    Workshop organizer’s summary and next steps

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