AWS special session: Next-generation innovations in agricultural technology

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AWS special session: Next-generation innovations in agricultural technology

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  • With the advent of technology, there have been dramatic transformations in many of the industries across the globe.  Agriculture, though being the least digitized, has also seen momentum for the development and commercialization of cutting-edge technological solutions such as AI.

    AI-based equipment, machines, and solutions have taken today’s agriculture system to a different level. They are enhancing crop production and improved real-time monitoring, harvesting, processing and marketing, etc.

    Today’s startups in this field aren’t just making the most use of AI but renovating the industry itself.  And, those startups building on AWS are benefiting from the fastest pace of innovation, the broadest and deepest functionality, the most secure computing environment, and the performance to build what’s needed for sustainable agriculture. 

    The winner receives

    • Grand Finale Demo Day ticket 
    • Featured Startup in the Innovation Factory Exhibition on the AI for Good Neural Network
    • Networking opportunities with the UN and other potential business partners 

    About AWS Startups:

    From Airbnb and Lyft to Slack and Twilio, the world’s top startups build on AWS. And it’s been that way since 2006, when AWS first brought cloud infrastructure to the world. The startup ecosystem around the globe and AWS have grown up together. AWS knows startups inside and out, because we have worked alongside literally hundreds of thousands of founders all over the world, helping them to build and scale their businesses. That singular experience has given AWS unparalleled insight into the unique needs that startups have, and the opportunities that startups chase every day. AWS is the technological muscle that the world’s leading startups have always relied on.

    So whether it’s solving a technical challenge, hiring the right engineers, or finalizing a fundraising round, we have all the experience and resources you need to get started; this sort of thing is in our DNA. There’s a reason more startups build on AWS than any other provider: we’re here to help you succeed from inception through to IPO.

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