AI for Good Innovation Factory – Live pitching session 2

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AI for Good Innovation Factory – Live pitching session 2

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  • This week’s Innovation Factory Live Pitching Session showcases a diverse set of emerging entrepreneurs with promising AI ventures to tackle the world’s greatest challenges. The session will include discussions with featured mentors on topics related to social impact entrepreneurship followed by live pitching from 5 AI startups whose solutions can accelerate our progress to meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

    This process will evaluate promising AI focused startups, and the best solutions will be presented as outcomes of the 2020 AI for Good Summit towards the end of the year.

    Session Transcript


    0:00:00 – Looping welcome slides
    0:02:39 – ITU welcomes the audience
    0:06:29 – [Judge 1] Nicole Buttner explains how we should use machine learning in the right direction and challenges and obstacles
    0:10:10 – [Judge 2] Max Cuvellier’s view on current effect of COVID-19 pandemic on technology innovation
    0:14:12 – [Judge 3] Melissa Sassi describes her new initiatives and projects, and what she looks for in startups, that gives her an indication of their potential scalability
    0:18:46 – [Judge 4] Enrique Alvarado Hablutzel explains what kind of startups Bamboo Capital Partners (BCP) invests in and why tech and impact startups matters?
    0:25:45 – [Judge 5] Lorenzo Niola defines the difference between impact start-ups and non-impact start-ups
    0:30:34 – [Startup pitching and Q&A 1] Justin Bercich / Lucinity
    0:44:54 – [Startup pitching and Q&A 2] Jennifer Bonine / Pink Lion
    0:59:41 – [Startup pitching and Q&A 3] Magezi Sagesse / JusticeBot
    1:09:08 – [Startup pitching and Q&A 4] Miku Jah / AgShift
    1:24:21 – [Startup pitching and Q&A 5] Simon Kuttruf / Chatt & Praxis Concierge
    1:34:02 – Final comments from judges
    1:39:13 – Video ends

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