Taylor Shead

Taylor Shead

Taylor Shead is the Founder and CEO of Stemuli, a gaming company at the intersection of AI, education, and workforce development. Stemuli’s mission is to make education and career navigation personalized and accessible to 8 billion people while helping anyone navigate an intellectually and economically fulfilling career.

Taylor recognizes the urgency of addressing the inequities that hinder economic mobility, starting in our failing education systems that are impacting the health and wellbeing of people worldwide. She believes by leveraging AI and gaming, there is an opportunity to propel the world closer to a future where every individual has equal access to opportunities at every level of their educational journey.

To date, Taylor is the 94th black woman in the history of the world to raise over $1 Million in venture capital. D Magazine has recognized her as one of Dallas’ most influential CEOs of 2023. Forbes and the Yass Prize have recognized Stemuli as one of the most transformative applications for kids.

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