Rijul Gupta

Rijul Gupta

Rijul Gupta is the CEO of DeepMedia and a renowned Synthetic Media expert with a degree in Machine Learning from Yale University. Rijul has been named as a DeepFake thought leader by Forbes and created DeepMedia with the aim to safeguard DeepFake technology against destructive use-cases and promote ethical usage. 

Prior to founding DeepMedia, Rijul worked as a machine-learning engineer for over 7 years, where he built and sold advanced object-recognition, pattern matching, and product-recommendation AI to leading companies such as Nike, Nordstrom, GAP, and Bloomingdale’s. He is a Thiel Fellow Finalist and a patented inventor, and Forbes Magazine recognized him as one of their “Forbes Next 1000” list of inspiring entrepreneurs. Rijul’s entire entrepreneurial career has been focused on deepfakes and the technology behind them. He has invented cutting-edge datasets and algorithms, demonstrating the rare technical knowledge necessary to program and create solutions in this rapidly evolving field of technology. 

As the CEO of DeepMedia, Rijul is dedicated to ensuring that DeepFake technology is used responsibly and ethically, and he is committed to creating a more secure future for all.  



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